Saving one Child at  a Time

TTL serves the most in-need children in one of the poorest countries in Africa by providing access to health care, offering health education and combating malnutrition.

TTL is the only organization exclusively dedicated to caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in the rural, mountainous districts of Mokhotlong, Lesotho where we work. We support children affected by HIV/AIDS and ensure our clients are able to grow, develop, and thrive.

Say “Happy Birthday” with a Donation!

TTL turns 15 this May! To celebrate the more than 2,278 children the organization has served, we are raising $5K! These funds will help ensure every child has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential, one child at a time!

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Our Commitment to Individual Intervention

Deep in the mountains of Lesotho, TTL’s dedicated outreach workers come across intense, acute need one child at a time. We don’t measure the scope of our impact solely by the numbers, but by every plump cheek and sweet smile. We often go to places big nonprofits can’t reach, where families are forever grateful that we didn’t let them go forgotten and offered a helping hand — not to their country, or even their village, but to their family, their son, their daughter. We are forever grateful, in turn, to our passionate donors who know there is value in our approach. Our motto is “One child at a time.” It is one we passionately believe in and have no plans to change.

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Latest News and Updates

June at TTL

Mokhotlong is in the midst of winter! Here are just a few of the things we’ve accomplished in the month of June. TTL Success! We recently reunited, Mpho*, one of the children residing in our safe home with her caregivers! Mpho came to our safe home at 17 months, weighing 5.4kg, just under 12 pounds….

May at TTL

We are moving into the winter season in Mokhotlong! Here’s what we’ve been up to during the month of May! TTL’s 15th Birthday 15 years. 2,351 children served. One child at a time. On Friday the 31st, we celebrated our 15th birthday! We celebrated with braii, cake, singing, dancing, and a (non-alcoholic) champagne toast! Leading…

First 1000 days

When I first arrived at TTL, I was shocked by how small the babies were. I was so used to seeing huge American babies. I quickly realized this is the visual impact of malnutrition. I witnessed how young children who are suffering from malnutrition were not meeting their developmental milestones. Children who were one had…

Help us save the most vulnerable children, in one of the poorest regions of Africa.